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Jeet Kune Do translated, is “Way of the Intercepting Fist” was Bruce Lee’s personal style of the martial arts. It is bound by three systems, wing chin, boxing, and fencing. It is a philosophy and an ongoing process of self-discovery. There is much structure to JKD. Most Martial Artists who practice JKD have prior study of other martial arts systems, mainly due to the difficulty in finding a qualified instructor. Bruce Lee himself studied Wing Chun for 5 years.

After an infamous fight Bruce had with another martial arts master that he beat (Jackman); he thought that the fight took too long and that his Wing Chun had it’s limitations that needed to be adapted for street fighting. It is then that Bruce Lee formed a set system of progression called “Jun Fan Gung Fu”. Jun Fan being Bruce Lee’s Chinese name.

This system of progression would combine Wing Chun with Western Boxing,French Fencing,  and Jujitsu techniques in the final stage of the arts progression. As Lee would say “Absorb what is Useful and Discard the Rest”. After conducting additional research and adding in some essential principles, strategies, and concepts Lee transformed Jun Fan Gung Fu into an entity he named “Jeet Kune Do”. JKD follows concepts, philosophies, and principles. However everyone’s JKD abilities and limits are different. As Bruce Lee’s closest friend and protégé Dan Inosanto would say, “It’s like trying to fit everyone into a size 42 coat. It will fit some but not others. People are made up of different sizes and attributes and what will work with some will not work for others.” This is why everyone will find  JKD an art that fits the person instead of the person fitting the art.

Where as other Martial Art systems build on techniques, JKD strips away to simplicity. JKD can be compared to a sculptor chipping away at a rock to make a beautiful statue. JKD practioners train in an environment that helps them develop spontaneous and deceptive combat skills with an emphasis on adaptability.

JKD is all about moving, shifting, kicking, punching, trapping, blocking, and parrying. It is a continuum of perpetual motion, yet there is a flow of stillness that encapsulates awareness, perceptiveness, and intuition making them among the most skilled practioners in the world.

Carter Hargrave

Author: Carter Hargrave

Carter Hargrave Teacher, Martial Arts Author and Expert. President Jeet Kune Do Federation. President World Kenpo Karate.

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